Yes, I know, the images in the catalog look great!  The price on the website is unbeatable!  The shipping is free!  What could go wrong?

quality vs cheap rugs

Unless you are very familiar with a manufacturer or product line, you can be making a costly mistake ordering an area rug from an internet discount site.  Many of these websites are third-party sellers that do not manufacture their own products.  Rather, they farm this out to cheaper resources and simply process orders.  What looks good in the beautiful room setting with fabulous architectural features in a catalog can leave you disappointed with that same product in your own home.

Here are just a few reasons why I don’t suggest buying from unknown sources about products you know nothing about.  Of course, if you don’t mind buying disposable furnishings for your home, you can skip this article!  These are tips for those who care about the products they select for their home, who want to be happy with the purchases they make and don’t want to be replacing everything every couple of years:

  1. cheap rugQuality of construction: In my most recent article about area rugs, I touch upon what differentiates one rug from another and what to look for when selecting a rug for your home.  A pretty picture can often be a very poorly made rug.  Lesser quality wool rugs will shed more!  It is impossible to tell from a catalog or an image on a website how the rug is made, and rarely will you find much information about this. You may find some information about the materials used but not all “wool rugs” are created equal. How disappointing it is to unknowingly receive a rug that just doesn’t lay flat, and never will!
  2. Color Accuracy: Having spent close to 20 years in the field of interior design and helping hundreds of clients select the right area rugs for their homes, I have learned (the hard way) that the colors in the images are not always what you get in real life. Unless I am working with a rug line where I have personally seen the products and know like the back of my hand, I always have a “live” rug sample on hand to ensure the colors work with the other materials I have selected for the room.
  3. Trouble Shooting: What if there is a problem with the rug?  Who are you going to call?  How long will you wait on hold to speak with the “customer service” person of the day? Who is going to re-package and arrange to return ship an 8×10 rug?  These are all very time-consuming and frustrating ways to spend your time.  Wouldn’t you rather be doing something fun!

cheap rug

If you are working with a reputable area rug resource or design professional, you can avoid making all of these mistakes and bring a rug into your home that truly complements the room, your décor, and your taste.

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