When many of us think of formal living rooms, we assume they are equipped with sofas. Occasionally, however, a sofa isn’t included in the design. This recent living room by AHT Interiors is simple, clean-lined and inviting … without a sofa at all!

Our clients wanted to create a tranquil space for hanging out with their kids. They desired a place where they could visit and chat about the day without the constant distraction of television, cell phones, or the internet. This design works wonderfully for that purpose; it looks great while being both functional and comfortable.

After talking with our clients, we chose a color palette consisting of gray, cream and blue. The high-back chairs were chosen to complement the soaring ceiling in their living room. The custom upholstery chosen for the front of the chairs was a light gray with a subtle design pattern; for the back of the chairs, we chose a dark gray wool for both interest and texture. Each chair is also enhanced with a custom-crafted velvet lumbar pillow. A marble and metallic coffee table stands in the center of the stunning chairs, creating a layout perfect for conversation.

We placed a custom bench along the window to provide additional seating in the living room and also added an organic element nearby: a tall wooden tripod floor lamp to add balance and beauty. The abstract paintings above the fireplace bring a delightful touch of color, while the wool rug (in shades of gray and blue) anchors the room very nicely.

What do you think of this living room? Are you ready to update your own? AHT Interiors is here to help; we ask questions and truly listen to our clients so that we are able to tailor our designs perfectly to their needs. Give us a call to schedule your consultation: (770) 887-7612.

[Furniture and accessories by Bernhardt, Cox, Jaunty, Hooker and Curated Kravet]