AHT InteriorsI think it’s fun and creative to add a piece into the interior design of a home that adds some pop or provides something unexpected.  After all, this is what makes your interior design style unique and interesting!

All too often, I see people stick with what is “safe” when planning their interior décor on their own: buying that matching set of furniture off the showroom floor or having too many neutral tones without any contrast or color.  These are examples of actions that can really result in a boring interior!

Who says you can’t use a sideboard in your master bedroom or a desk in place of a traditional nightstand? Why not have an oversized mirror in your foyer?

I love this boldly colored red chest used in the entryway of this Lake Lanier home.  While the rest of the color palette leans toward neutral tones, this piece sets the stage when guests arrive and provides something of interest immediately upon entering the home.

Shake up your habit of making “safe” decisions when it comes to your interior décor. Consider adding some unexpected elements here and there. This is where an experienced and creative interior design professional can help get you out of your rut.

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