Throw pillows

Spring is a symbol of, and a time for, rebirth!  We all hear the beautiful sounds of spring and witness nature coming alive with vibrant colors and tantalizing scents.  And for many of us, this time of year naturally puts us in spring-cleaning mode.  

April is also a great time to think about decorating and updating your interior living spaces! Repainting a room and rearranging some furniture can bring rebirth to your living areas.  A new area rug and updated pillows on your sofa and in your bedroom can do wonders!  Adding the ever-popular faux succulents and a colorful orchid to a bookshelf or bedside table brings in the freshness of spring as well.  

Don’t be afraid to try something new and bold in your home because we all deserve to “love where you live!”  If you need help with ideas or recommendations, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We can be reached via the website or by calling (770) 887-7612.