Budget Design Tips - Rugs

A makeover certainly doesn’t have to be expensive! We’ve received several calls lately from younger families who want to update their spaces but need to do so economically due to limited budgets, so we decided to create a series of articles and tips for all of you out there who need the same. We kicked off the series with a beautiful budget bedroom makeover, and last week we talked about decluttering tips. Today’s article is all about rugs, one of the budget-friendly elements you can employ to make difference in the way your home looks and feels!

Why Rugs?

Many of us have hardwoods in our homes, especially on the main floor. Typically, area rugs are used to protect the hardwood finish and provide softness in addition to sound absorption.  At AHT Interiors, we look at rugs like the shoes that are paired with a beautiful outfit; they help bring your entire room design together, whether you have hardwoods, tile, or even carpets on your floors. It’s amazing what a rug can do to provide that finishing touch!

There are a few budget-friendly ways to enjoy rugs in your home. First, consider swapping your existing rugs between rooms to give a fresh look to both areas – you’ll be surprised by how much it can change the look of each room. If you decide your room needs a new rug, consider the traffic within that room before purchasing it. Higher traffic usually necessitates higher quality. If you plan to rotate your rugs often, you can certainly opt for less-expensive ones. If you plan to purchase a rug that you will keep for many years, however, invest in a high-quality one. In either case, we recommend that you avoid purchasing your rugs online. Here’s why.

Budget Design Tips - Rugs

Entry Foyers and Hallways

Many people underestimate the effect a rug has on the overall look of a room, especially rooms like entry foyers or hallways that contain little else in the way of furnishings.

The entry foyer is usually the first area a guest sees after walking through the front door, and typically the living room or other rooms can be viewed while standing in the foyer. Because of this, you’ll want to consider how your color scheme flows into connecting rooms.

Hallways have a tendency to be boring and somewhat unwelcoming spaces. What better way to liven them up than with a rug?  One benefit of a hallway rug is the visual pathway it can create which draws the eye forward and toward connecting rooms. Because hallways do not typically contain furniture, you can have fun with rugs here, introducing patterns and colors that you find pleasing.

Budget Design Tips - Rugs
Budget Design Tips - Rugs

Add Personality With a Pattern

If you want to be brave and use patterns there is no better way than introducing it through a rug. First, it’s easier to live with and accomplish compared to decorating your walls. Because rugs are below your visual field, patterned designs appear less intrusive.  Rugs are also a great way to introduce pattern to neutral spaces, providing your rooms with a sense of character and personality.

Living room rug

Don’t Forget Your Bathrooms

Bathrooms tend to be really neutral spaces; adding rugs will introduce not only color and pattern but texture and warmth. Rugs are practical and cozy underfoot.

Measuring Rooms and Choosing Shapes

If you would more detailed information on choosing a rug in the correct size and shape for your room, please check out our more detailed article, Choosing Area Rugs for your Decor.

We’ll be back soon with more design-oriented tips to refresh your home on a budget. As always, if you need design ideas, call us. We always listen closely to our clients’ preferences and needs, presenting beautiful interior spaces that you will love to live in.

Dining room rug