Are you in the mood for new bedding for your bedroom? With so many different types of bedding, how do you know what to choose? It can seem overwhelming at first, but I’m here to help you make sense of it all!

Before choosing the perfect bedding for your master bedroom, it’s important to understand the basics. A bedspread, for example, covers the entire bed and falls all the way to the floor. Traditional bedspreads allow extra length at the head of the bed to tuck over the pillows (a process called ‘pillow tucking’). A perk to bedspreads is that they are available in a variety of solid colors, textures, and patterned fabrics, with plenty to choose from to match any room. However, adding bedspreads to bedrooms has become a bit of a dated look, reminiscent of older hotel rooms.

You may have heard of ‘coverlets’, but what are they? Coverlets are lighter than bedspreads, cover the mattress down to the boxspring (or side rails of the bed) and are not designed to cover the pillows. You can find coverlets in a light quilted or matelassé design (a sturdy, textured, usually cotton fabric that has a puckered or quilted appearance). 

Coverlets can be showcased on their own, paired with decorative pillows, or combined with a comforter or duvet cover for a layered look. More often than not, I use coverlets as the base for covering beds, and then fold a duvet cover at its foot for a luxury hotel look.

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Love where you live!

[Photos courtesy of Eastern Accents and AHT Interiors]