Sustainability has become important across many industries and interior design is no exception.  Many people would agree that ours tends to be a throwaway society.  We can be excessive in our consumption and frequently purchase things we really do not need or use … and eventually throw away in a couple of years.  Just take a peek in most people’s closets for a prime example of this way of thinking.

Have you ever thought about becoming more sustainable in your own home?  A major way to accomplish this is to purchase less but purchase better!  This reflects the very core of the sustainability concept.

Shop for furnishings that will last you decades instead of investing in whatever is trending in the moment.  At the same time, select furnishings that are neutral; you can add your pop of color with paint, accessories and artwork!

Durable, high-quality furnishings can be repurposed with reupholstery or paint.  You probably have an older piece of furniture that is still in excellent shape but simply doesn’t match any of your newer items; make it match! Also consider second-hand shops; they carry hidden gems that can provide you with great options for repurposing (and in addition to the beautiful additions to your home, second-hand shopping is a lot of fun). Are you thinking of updating your kitchen cabinets or bathroom vanities that are still durable and in great shape?  Instead of purchasing new cabinetry, enlist a professional to paint them!  You won’t believe the difference it can make, and you’ll save money while contributing to the overall sustainability of your home.

AHT Interiors continues to do our part regarding sustainability and the environmental impact on every project we design.  Four of our eight foundational promises to our clients demonstrate our ongoing commitment to this concept:

  • We will responsibly guide you through all aspects of the design process, and will design your interior spaces to be timeless, beautiful and sustainable.

  • We will consider the environmental impact of every project, selecting products for the impact on the environment as well as aesthetics and durability.

  • We will provide options for recycled wallpapers and non-toxic papers that are printed with environmentally friendly, color-fast, water-based inks.

  • We will encourage our clients to consider repurposing their cabinets instead of buying new whenever possible. We will also try to include as much of our clients’ current furnishings as possible by making use of reupholstery.

Please visit our promises page to read the rest of our commitment statements to our clients.

Are you getting ready to change up the look and feel of your home’s spaces? We offer varying levels of assistance, ranging from do-it-yourself design consultations for a couple of rooms to full, turn-key interior design for your entire home. We do it all with professionalism and attention to sustainability and quality … while also staying within your budget. Please call us when you are ready to look at the many options available to you through the team at AHT Interiors! (770) 887-7612.