The AHT Interiors team is back with our series of articles containing budget-friendly tips for refreshing your home. So far we’ve shared six articles in this series: a  budget bedroom makeover, decluttering tips, tips for using rugs in your home, all about accent walls, dining room to conversational area conversion, and our most recent article in which we talked about the “cloffice” concept. Today we’re wrapping up the series with a few budget-friendly design tips that are also super easy to implement!

Entry Foyer Mirror

The Magic of Budget-Friendly Mirrors

Mirrors can be found in abundance in stores these days, and manufacturers are providing a wider array of finishes, colors, shapes, and sizes than ever before. Here are a few ideas:

  • Not only do mirrors help make a room seem larger, but they can also ‘double-down’ on the most attractive area of a room by reflecting it from multiple angles.
  • Make your drab foyer fabulous by adding sparkle from an oversized mirror.
  • Use a large mirror to reflect light into darker areas of your home, especially basement/terrace levels that don’t get much natural light from windows.
  • Pull an old mirror out of storage and refinish or repaint it to give it new life in your home.
  • Get more ideas here!
Huge entry foyer mirror

Layers of Lighting in Your Design

We talk about lighting a lot because it can make such a difference in your home, and it can be an economical way of changing the look of every room! Lighting fixtures should complement the rest of your room, but can also serve as a show-stopping piece that the remainder of the room is designed around. There are many options to choose from, so select your lamps and fixtures based upon the style and personality you want to showcase in each of your rooms. Don’t forget the beautiful effects of layered lighting, especially when you need to read or get work done in a particular area.

unique and beautiful lighting fixture
Product Photos by Uttermost
modern chandelier in reading area

Throw Pillows: A Classic Budget-Friendly Design Tip!

One of the first items that we think of when talking about quick, budget-friendly accessory updates is a throw pillow. Reasonably-priced down-filled throw pillows are widely available these days; they’re available for every season, and most have removable covers for washing. You can easily switch out the covers when it’s time for holiday decorating, and the covers themselves are really easy to sew (here’s a little how-to from the queen herself: Martha Stewart).

Throw pillow color and texture adds to your decor

Refurbish, Recycle & Save

When funds are tight but you’re ready for something new in your home, consider refurbishing pieces that you already own. Here are just a few reasons why this is such a great idea, whether you need to refresh on a budget or not:

  • Older, handmade furniture pieces are typically created out of the strongest and sturdiest materials, so they will last much longer than some of today’s particle-board options.
  • Refurbishing and/or refinishing preserves the value of your older furniture pieces and makes the most out of your investment in them.
  • Sentimental value! Keeping that old chair or dresser from your grandparents means something. :)
  • It gives you an opportunity to reduce, reuse, and recycle to help save the environment.
  • You’ll save money while providing yourself that DIY outlet.

There are many websites and videos online that can help with your refurbishment projects – here are just a few:

When your projects are complete, come back and read our articles on caring for fabric and wood furniture!

A dresser is given new life with paint
Image by Nadine Stay.

You’ve Got To Move It – Move It

Our final bit of budget-friendly design advice involves little more than your muscles and your imagination. When you’re craving an updated look in your home, but you love the pieces you already own, why not rearrange your furniture? My dad used to tease my mom that he’d bump into the furniture when he came home from a business trip because she was always moving it around; she teased him right back by telling him how much money they’d saved by not buying new pieces! Give it a try and enjoy that ‘new’ feeling it lends to the rooms in your home.

Rearrange your furniture to refresh your room's design

If you have hardwood floors, be sure to protect them. Furniture sliders will work in most cases, but if you are moving really large pieces, check out 7 Tips for Moving Furniture Without Scratching the Floors by

We hope you enjoyed today’s list of budget-friendly design tips, and we certainly hope you learned some ideas from all of the articles in our Refreshing Your Home on a Limited Budget Series! Here’s the full list of previous articles if you missed any of them:

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