In interior design, repetition refers to the use of the same design element, such as a shape, color, texture, or pattern, multiple times throughout a space. This technique is used to create a cohesive and harmonious look, as well as to draw the eye to certain areas or features.
AHT Interiors - Repetition element of interior design
Here are some examples of repetition in interior design:
  • Using the same color scheme throughout a room, such as using shades of blue in the curtains, throw pillows, and artwork
  • Repeating a pattern on different surfaces, such as using a geometric pattern on the wallpaper, area rug, and throw pillows
  • Repeating shapes, such as using round mirrors, circular vases, and circular light fixtures in a room
  • Repeating textures, such as using a combination of smooth, glossy surfaces and rough, matte surfaces throughout a space
AHT Interiors - Repetition element of interior design
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AHT Interiors - Texture element of interior design

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AHT Interiors - Repetition element of interior design

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