Entryways are often overlooked spaces, but they need not be forgotten!  The entry into your home, whether it’s at the front door or a side door, sets the stage for your home and introduces its personality.

Simply put, the entryway serves as the invitation into your home. The square footage doesn’t really matter; whether you have a soaring foyer with a beautiful chandelier or a small entry that immediately flows into another room, it deserves attention. There are several ways to address this area – the important thing to remember is to keep all elements interesting and useful.

Don’t be afraid to go bold. Try using a bold wallpaper (yes, I said wallpaper, it’s all the rage now!) or colorfully painted walls.  Keep everything else simple if you go this route.

Place a table in the center or a console against the wall to provide much-needed space for keys and mail. This should also allow space to add a fresh bouquet of seasonal flowers or your favorite plant.

Add a piece of sculpture or other interesting art to greet your guests.

Hang a mirror, especially if your space is small. It can give the illusion of a larger space. Mirrors are also handy for a quick hair check as you leave your home or a guest enters!

An entry is always a wonderful place for a family gallery wall in black and white.

collection of photos

Choose furnishings with storage to help keep everything organized. Try going modern in your entry with one of the beautiful pieces by Jonathan Charles Fine Furniture (below) or Global Views’ Klismos Chest. You may have noticed that we used the gorgeous Klismos Chest in our client’s recent entry foyer design (see photo at bottom).

An upholstered bench or chair (or multiple chairs, depending on your square footage) in the space is handy for guests to put on or take off their shoes. If you have a ‘no-shoe’ policy in your home, this is a must-have.

Convert your side entry into a mudroom by adding cubbies, hooks, shelves with baskets and a bench. It’s quite functional and helps keep your family organized. You can even convert a well-placed coat closet into a ‘mud room’!

Lighting is key, and today’s lighting industry offers many fresh and interesting options. Remember that the lighting is the jewelry of your home; consider hanging an eye-catching chandelier!

Are you in need of an entryway makeover?  Do you want to create an inviting and functional space?  We are here to help; call AHT Interiors at (770) 887-7612 to schedule your consultation. We look forward to working with you.

Love where you live!

The Team at AHT Interiors