We work with many clients who have an assortment of family photos, artwork collections, instruments, vintage finds, and special items that they would love to display but are unsure of how to go about doing so.  We love unique gallery walls and they can certainly make a major design statement; they offer a beautiful way to tell your stories!  Having a neutral wall color and keeping your photo frames alike helps keep the space from looking too busy.

To make a great gallery wall start with your favorite things. Gather your special items and photos.  Lay the selected pieces on the floor or a table to organize and place with spacing before hanging.

Start from the center using your largest piece and work outward to create an overall balanced look. Don’t be afraid to create an asymmetrical grouping; the items don’t have to be perfectly lined up with the next.

Consider using floating wall shelves to place your picture frames and keepsakes on to help add a 3D dimension.  This will also allow you the flexibility of changing out photos and artwork whenever you choose without putting more holes in the wall.

After you have laid everything out take a step back and picture it on your wall.  If it seems too busy, take a couple of items out.  If it seems too sparse, go ahead and add to your creation.  With some practice and a keen eye you will soon have the gallery wall that you love.

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Love where you live,
The Team at AHT Interiors