Twice each year, AHT Interiors travels to High Point, NC for the latest and greatest industry trends. There is so much value as designers to attend Market, as we are better equipped to provide today’s lifestyle consumer with new products and fresh ideas!  Spring market did not disappoint, from luxury bedding to super sleek furnishings and lighting – it was all there. Be sure to click on each image thumbnail to see a larger photo!

Several Manufacturers featured Pantone’s 2018 Color of the Year, Ultra Violet.  This is such a fun, sophisticated and unexpected color which might seem tough to pull off at first glance. In truth, it really is not difficult to add that bit of spice and attention to your living space using this eye-catching color.  A great idea would be to paint an accent wall, add a new piece of art or even upholster an accent chair covered in luxurious ultra-violet velvet … yes, I said velvet!  If that’s all too much for your taste, you could simply consider a beautiful bouquet of purple flowers on your dining room table. 

Create your own distinctive mood – just make sure to have fun while doing it!


Botanicals and succulents were seen in full glory again this season; we even saw this trend in luxury bedding and wallpaper.  We especially love to add these beautiful natural designs into our client’s spaces; it brings the outdoors in and also adds warmth, color, and interest to an otherwise empty area.  Use botanicals on your mantel where orchids are especially appealing.  Fill a tray with candles and succulents and place on a cocktail table or in your bathroom.  Botanical prints are another way to add interest to walls.  But always remember that quality is key to a great botanical or succulent – it truly makes all the difference.


Lighting in all areas of the home is bigger and bolder than ever before with organic and modern designs.  This is such an easy way to update your rooms and add a lot of  ‘pop’. If changing your ceiling lighting seems a bit too overwhelming, try changing your floor and table lighting to a more updated look.  This will instantly transform your space from “old to bold”.  The designs are limitless and there are some fantastic new ceiling fan choices! 

Acrylic furniture, also known as Lucite, is coming in hot for spring this year.  We definitely saw this as a big influence this market as it continues to have a strong showing in many showrooms and room settings.  Acrylic is versatile enough to work with many interior styles and is not just for a modern setting; it adds a barely-there playful yet chic touch to any interior!  Try adding an acrylic side table, coffee table, lamp, stool or photo frame to your surroundings.  This is a great and easy way to incorporate your old furnishings with something new and exciting.


Raw natural reclaimed wood is seeing a surge this season.  It’s becoming popular as a home design element that creates a warm atmosphere – relaxed, clean and organic.  These beautiful pieces of furniture are seen mixed with various materials such as chrome, concrete, marble, and acrylic.  Each piece of reclaimed wood furniture tells a unique story.  It is a versatile, renewable and sustainable organic source.  This trend is becoming increasingly popular with Millennials.


Geodes, crystals and corals are also currently trending in the interior design world.  Use of these beautiful elements allows a design to incorporate a layer of natural splendor. Bring the outdoors in by not only using greenery but also expanding your options to include geodes, crystals, and corals. 

Each piece is one of a kind and is a wonderful way to add color and spark conversation in any room.  We’re drawn to their beauty and it is so easy to add these pieces as accessories, artwork, lighting or furnishings.


We have been seeing small drink tables (also referred to as “martini tables”) recently and High Point Market was no exception.  Convenience is key to a well-planned design; petite drink tables are extremely clever and offer a perfect tool to hold that cup of coffee, glass of wine or martini.  They are small in diameter and are a wonderful solution for a tight area where a side table will not fit.  At AHT Interiors, we have used these cute tables (in lieu of the typical side table) arranged in clusters to allow for easy transport from one area to another. This design option offers style, convenience and a bit of elegance to any interior design space. 


We truly enjoy sharing our insight on the latest trends in interior design and home furnishings! It is important to remember, however, that not all trends work for everyone.  We are available to help you create a timeless and lasting interior for your home that you will enjoy for many years. 

Just give us a call; we would love to help you create an atmosphere where you love to live!

Ann Crowley, Partner and Senior Designer

AHT Interiors


[Photos by TreeMasters, Bernhardt, Legacy Home, Jamie Young, Palacek, Jeffan, Cyan, Classic Home, Global Views, Interlude Home, Phillips Collection, John-Richard, and Fine Art Lamps]