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I work with many clients who have photographs of family, friends and special times and don’t know how or where to incorporate these personal stories into their interior design.  Whether it is a group of photos or a collection of artwork, here are 7 tips for creating your own unique gallery wall to display your pieces.

  1. Start by gathering some of your favorite photos to use.  If it has been some time since you last updated your photos, this is a good time to incorporate some more recent images.
  2. Select photos to group together that are similar in content.  For example, family photos or vacation destinations or outdoor shots.
  3. Choose a similar frame style to use but select different sizes for your images. It is best to mix some 8×10 with 5×8 or other varying sizes.  The frame style should complement your existing décor.  If you like a clean, simple look, choose a simple, black frame.  If you have a more traditional decorating style, you may opt for more ornate frames.  I recommend keeping the finish consistent throughout.
  4. Lay the framed pieces on the floor or a table to organize and place with spacing before hanging.  Start from the center and work outward to create an overall balanced look. Don’t be afraid to create an asymmetrical grouping; every frame doesn’t have to be perfectly lined up with the next.
  5. Consider using floating wall shelves to place framed pieces on.  This allows you the flexibility of changing out photos/artwork whenever you choose without putting more holes in the wall.
  6. Group like photos/artwork together on the same wall as opposed to scattering about your house for a more impactful and cohesive look.
  7. Have fun!  These are your personal stories.  Update often to keep your interior décor fresh and current.

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