AHT Interiors recently released our free Guide to Working with an Interior Designer, which provides detailed answers to 10 of the most common questions we hear on the topic. We have included Chapter 1 of the guide in today’s post. If you are interested in receiving the entire guide, please see the link below.

How Do I Know if I Need an Interior Designer?

Living Room Interior Design - Cumming, GAOften people think that if they can do something themselves, it will save them money in addition to the cost of hiring a professional in that field. For example, many folks buy Turbo Tax software in order to file their own tax returns and avoid enlisting the services of a CPA. Others will drive their SUVs to the local home improvement warehouse to load them full of mulch and plantings; they will then spend hours and weekends in their yards on do-it-yourself landscaping projects. Certainly, if you LOVE these activities and consider them enjoyable, then it does make sense to embark on them yourself.

AHT Interior DesignerBut you should ask yourself several questions: How much value do you place on your time? How much free time do you have and how do you prefer to spend it? How often have you spent many hours shopping for products for your home only to return them because they didn’t work out? And perhaps one of the more painful questions: How many thousands of dollars have you spent on products that didn’t work or that you simply don’t like … more than you care to remember? How much is it worth to you to get it right and get it done?

There are many parts of the equation to successfully planning, designing and furnishing a home. It can often feel like an overwhelming process when you are attempting to handle it on your own. A skilled and experienced interior designer will help guide and navigate this process for you. She (or he) is quite familiar with the many resources that they work with on a daily basis.

AHT Interiors, Alpharetta, GAYour designer should have a team of trade contractors to work with; they will coordinate the activities of those parties so that you don’t need to be bothered with all of the details that surround a successful installation. A reputable designer will recommend products from known resources rather than blindly ordering from unfamiliar manufacturers on the internet. They are trained to ensure that the products that are introduced into your home are the proper proportion and scale. They know how to balance colors and create spaces that are harmonious. Working with an interior designer will help you create a signature look that is unique to you, and not just a roomful of furniture purchased off a showroom floor.

Master Bedroom Sitting Area - Lake Lanier home in Cumming, GAIf your project involves an out-of–state vacation home or second residence, it can be invaluable to have a dedicated professional who has the resources to coordinate all of the aspects of your remodeling or decorating project.

Do you need guidance on color choices for your home? We’ve created a guide for that; download our free Interior Design Guide to Color today.