As the saying goes Nothing lasts forever.  The same holds true for clothing fashions, automobiles and your home’s interior decorating style.

Bedding by Eastern Accents

Beautiful Bedding by Eastern Accents

Most likely you do not wear the same clothing or styles that you did 15-20 years ago.  Likewise, you probably don’t drive the same car that you did a decade or more ago.  Why would you place any less importance on your home environment?  After all, this is where you begin and end most days.  It’s where you sleep; it’s where you eat; it’s where you entertain; it’s where you live! Most people replace their cars more often than they update their interior décor.  This doesn’t make much sense … after all, you don’t LIVE in your car!  You should plan on updating your décor about as often as you update your car and wardrobe.

I’m not suggesting that you purchase disposable furnishingsRefresh your rugs that you toss out every couple of years. I feel strongly about selecting quality pieces for your interior décor that are timeless and lasting. But if you still have the same sofa from your first apartment or the faded and worn bedding from years ago, it’s time to freshen up. If you are investing in well-made quality pieces, then you will only need to do some minor updating.

If your furniture is still in good shape but the colors are dated or faded, consider recovering some of those pieces. Updating lamps, pillows and accessories are also a way to keep your style current and appealing. Changing out old and worn area rugs can go a long way toward keeping your interior décor fresh.

Upholstered chairs

Consider working with an experienced interior design professional who can help you with making the right choices for updating your home’s décor so that you will Love Where You Live!

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