Powder bathrooms are often an overlooked area in many peoples’ interior decorating plans. However, this is one part of your house that most visitors will see and use … and it doesn’t take much to create a “wow” result!

First, start by selecting a fabulous wallcovering.

Yes, that’s right, wallpaper is back, it’s hot, and there are so many wonderful new varieties to choose from. Most are easily removed as well!

The perfect wallcovering can visually expand the space and will add so much more interest and dimension than paint ever could. It’s worth it to splurge on a high-quality paper as it doesn’t require much for a smaller space like this.  Your interior design professional has access to more options than you could imagine and is adept at recommending the right colors, textures and scale for your space.

Next, a simple window treatment (if there is a window in this room) is a great way to soften the space and absorb echo from all of the other hard surfaces in the room.

Finally, don’t settle for the boring, basic mirror and light fixture that your builder may have installed. Step out and seek out pieces that will complement your space and make your guests feel special! And don’t forget a fabulous piece of artwork for one of the walls. Think big for maximum effect.


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