We spotted several High Point showrooms displaying bar carts this fall season.  These cool carts were a staple in many living rooms of the past but had taken a hiatus in more recent years. Now they appear to be all the rage again!

Because there is such an array of styles and options available, you can make your bar cart all about your personal taste, choosing one that will best suit your purpose and style.  You can even design your cart with a theme in mind; try using all vintage glasses, decanters and ice buckets or go all-out modern and glamorous ala Carrie Bradshaw!

Whatever your preference, a well-appointed bar cart is key for your holiday gatherings and parties.

Bar carts are so much more than they seem, however. Besides the obvious use as storage and serving for your libations, these carts can be incorporated into many other areas of your home. Here are a few ideas for using these versatile mobile pieces; use your imagination to come up with the perfect use in your own home:

  • In the kitchen, eating area or keeping room as a coffee/tea station
  • In the den or media room as a movie night station
  • In the guest room to hold supplies and treats
  • As a display piece for art, plants, or dishes
  • As storage for beauty supplies and nail polish
  • In the bathroom to hold towels and bath items
  • In the office for all those work supplies that are difficult to tame
  • In the kitchen to store small kitchen appliances and cookbooks
  • As an open pantry in or near the kitchen
  • As a serving cart for brunch, desserts, fruit or ice cream when entertaining
  • In your bedroom as a bedside table or nightstand
  • As a display area for jewelry or other small accessories
  • Out by the swimming pool to hold towels and a water dispenser

As you can see, there are many uses for these beautiful pieces – try one out and let us know how you used yours!

As always, love where you live … and let us know if you need help doing so. We listen to our clients and create spaces that help them feel happy, relaxed and surrounded by beauty.

The Team at AHT

[These beautiful bar carts were found in the following showrooms: Hooker Furniture, IMAX Worldwide Home, Interlude Home, Sagebrook Home, Four Hands, and ELK Group.]