We’re back from the Fall High Point Furnishing Market and ready to start sharing our experience with our readers! There’s always such a variety to see at HPMKT, but beautiful trends certainly emerge as we travel from one showroom to the next.

The first trend we spotted this market was a preponderance of modular sofas!

These types of sofas are becoming extremely popular. They are quite similar to sectional sofas, but they integrate the ability to interchange pieces. Modular sofas are moveable, whereas sectional sofas are meant to stay in one place; modular seating is also very expandable.

In our opinion, here are some excellent reasons to use modular sofas in your interior design:

  1. You can build your own design tailored to your personal tastes and particular needs.
  2. You can easily vary the size by purchasing only the amount of pieces you need in your room.
  3. Very versatile – you can put several pieces together and then move them around to suit your room, your mood, or even a particular event.

We certainly love these sofas and the fact that they are super stylish while also being highly adaptable!


The images above were taken at the Classic Home and Four Hands HPMKT showrooms.

Give us a call if you want assistance integrating these versatile pieces into your home.

As always … love where you live!

The Team at AHT Interiors