When we are working on an interior design project with a client, there are often some sentimental pieces that are important to them, and we want to include these in the final design whenever possible.  After all, these personal items represent the stories of their lives.  Sometimes, there are special photos they want to have displayed or artwork they have collected.  There may be mementos from their travels they want to share or a piece of furniture that has been in the family for generations.

An interior design professional can provide an objective eye and help you to decide what pieces make sense to use and where.  We will always be careful not to try to force a piece in “just because” if it doesn’t make sense for the space. On the other hand, we do want to include pieces that are important to you.

AHT Interiors Master Bedroom Design

A recent example of this is shown in the images above and below.  These clients were building a second home in an active adult community in the John’s Creek area. For the most part, we were working with a blank slate for planning all the furnishings. They did, however, have several pieces of artwork they had collected from a local art gallery in their home state of Tennessee that they wanted to use in their new home. We were able to get the images and dimensions of the artwork from the clients in advance in order to pre-plan where they would be placed as part of the final interior design plan.  For example, the set of three coordinating pieces used in their dining room reflected their personal taste and worked beautifully with the new color scheme.  Another piece was placed over the headboard in their master bedroom. We were able to plan the overall color palette for their new home based on some of their favorite pieces of artwork.

AHT Interiors Dining Room Design

The result is a harmonious, well-designed new home where the clients can showcase some of their prized artwork with family and friends! When planning a new interior design for your home or second home, take a look at what pieces are truly important to you and be willing to let go of the others that no longer serve you or reflect your current taste and lifestyle.

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