The kitchen is probably the most often used room in your home; it tends to be the place that family and friends gather in addition to being your meal-prep center of operations. That’s probably why a kitchen redesign has such a huge effect on the overall look of your home’s interior. Few updates pack a bigger punch than a kitchen renovation.

Our article series over the next two months will focus entirely on kitchen design and renovation! We’ve got a couple of before-and-after projects to share with you in addition to information on all of the different aspects of a kitchen’s design – from lighting to flooring and everything in-between.

Today we’re kicking off the series with a recent kitchen redesign by the team at AHT Interiors.

The one renovation element that was updated prior to our ‘before’ shots was the kitchen wall color. Previously a medium purple, we brought in a more understated wall color to allow the rest of the kitchen colors to shine through.

Here’s the full list of updates completed for this project:

  • New kitchen sink and faucet
  • New granite countertops
  • New kitchen backsplash in a handmade copper baroque tile

  • Replaced the microwave oven with a hood

  • New Cooktop

  • New dual ovens

  • Updated the desk area by leveling the countertop, adding a wine fridge, and incorporating additional storage

  • Lacquered the kitchen cabinets in Sherwin Williams Aesthetic White (SW 7035) and added new brushed nickel hardware

  • Lacquered the island cabinets in Sherwin Williams Urbane Bronze (SW 7048) and added a bookshelf for cookbooks. This color looks amazing with the copper tile and also happens to be the 2021 SW color of the year!

  • Installed a new kitchen table and updated the ceiling fan.



The client loved the modern look of their updated kitchen, proving that you don’t have to demolish your kitchen to update its design!

Does your kitchen need an updated look? Call the team at AHT Interiors; we ask the right questions and listen to all of your answers, weaving your tastes and preferences into every design. We pay close attention to your needs and your budget. Our goal is always to create interior spaces to help you love where you live!

Are you interested in more detailed articles about the various elements that go into a kitchen design? Stay tuned for more articles about kitchen design throughout the month of February!