We’re getting close to wrapping up our Kitchen Redesign series. Today’s focus is on the many kitchen appliance options available to consumers today.

Every kitchen needs the basics: you can’t easily feed a family without a fridge, an oven, a stove, a microwave, and a dishwasher. But modern appliances have come a long way in the ingenuity department, and we’d love to highlight some recent trends and innovations for you to consider when redesigning your dream kitchen.

Bosch fridge with glass front


Stainless steel finishes continue to dominate in today’s kitchens, but there are a couple of color trends on the horizon that are coming into their own – namely black and white. Matte black appliances have been growing in popularity (and availability) over the last few years, and Whirlpool’s Ice Collection offers striking white and black finishes (called White Ice and Black Ice) that look beautiful. They differ from previous white and black appliances in that they have shiny finishes reminiscent of mobile phones and the colors can even work well as contrasts together in the same kitchen.

Samsung fridge with Family Hub


If it’s been a while since you bought new appliances, you might be surprised to find Bluetooth and WiFi technology included in many of today’s models. While this isn’t a new feature, it is coming down in price. Control temperatures in your fridge, sync clocks and timers on your oven and microwave, look up recipes, and showcase your digital photos from smart devices included on a wide range of kitchen appliances. Fun and convenient!

Big Chill refrigerators
build your own range at Blue Star

Retro Fridges and Ovens

Blue Star Cooking and Big Chill are among several manufacturers creating quality appliances that look right out of the first half of the 20th century. You can choose among many features – and colors! Try adding a signature piece to your kitchen; make a retro piece really stand out by pairing it with more mainstream options elsewhere in your kitchen.

Viking microwave drawer

Below the Counters

Many of today’s kitchen appliances, including warmers, steamers, microwave ovens, and dishwashers, are now being offered as below-the-countertop drawer models. They are more common than ever before, so consider integrating one or more into your new kitchen.

Double Ovens

Double ovens are convenient for the home chef, especially on those days when you’re cooking for a group. They also tend to look beautiful in a kitchen. And unlike the over/cooktop combination appliance, they can be installed just about anywhere in your kitchen.

Newer innovations include alternatives for the upper oven, including pizza ovens, steam ovens, and combination convection/microwave ovens.

Island Cooktop

Island Cooktop

If you have a large enough island, installing your cooktop on it can allow for a very convenient workspace and workflow within your kitchen. Commercial style cooktops are durable, attractive, and feature-rich; showcase them if you can afford the luxury.

Coffee and Wine Systems

Coffee systems are very popular in today’s kitchens!  This small appliance easily installs into most kitchen plans and provides quality brewed coffee, espresso, cappuccino, and more in the comfort of your own home.  Are you a wine lover?  Consider a wine dispensing system to keep your vino fresh and bring beauty to your kitchen.

Your choices are abundant; have fun exploring all of the many appliance options, colors, and styles available to today’s homeowners! Take your time and do your research when choosing appliances so that you can integrate your personality as well as your needs into your new kitchen.

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