We hope you’re enjoying AHT Interiors’ kitchen redesign series! Today’s article focuses on kitchen countertops, built-ins, and storage options.


Choosing a countertop with timeless appeal is important for the look of your kitchen.  There are many kitchen countertop options; the most popular include granite, marble, soapstone, quartz (engineered stone), ceramic tile, solid surface, wood, stainless steel, concrete, and even laminate.

kitchen countertops at RSK marble & granite

Research all of the options and find a countertop that suits your needs — we suggest one that requires little maintenance, however, because who wants to worry about stains, cracks, or chipping?

Do your homework and choose something that you’re unlikely to grow tired of, and consider mixing hard surfaces in your kitchen (on your island, for example) to make it fun and refreshing.

Built-ins and Storage

Are you sick of seeing your smaller appliances on your kitchen counters? Try integrating them into your kitchen with clever paneling, built-ins, and pull-out shelves.  An on-counter appliance garage houses the machines you often use but don’t always want in plain sight. Storing your small appliances on pull-out shelves makes them quite a bit easier to reach. For safety, always avoid storing heavy appliances above your head or in the shelving below your waist.  Don’t forget your power outlet placements; planning for convenient electrical plugs in your design is of the utmost importance.

Kitchen appliance garage

Interior drawer dividers can provide you an arrangement for organizing your kitchen utensils and also gives your kitchen a finished look. Remember that you can use those extra-deep drawers to store pots and pans, dishes, and all that plasticware.

Vertical dividers are great space-savers to store racks, cookie sheets, pizza pans, and cutting boards. A cabinet roll-out drawer is a fantastic feature to see everything at once – most especially to arrange your spices.

These ideas can be integrated into your pantry as well as your drawers and cabinets.

Finally, plan on a handy trash and recycling area. Whether you choose to install a pull-out garbage drawer, tuck it under the sink or place it inside your pantry, this is a feature you will use every day. Go for convenience!

kitchen trash drawer by Driven By Decor

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