The team at AHT Interiors recently put together a collection of articles to help you while in the planning stages of your kitchen remodel. Today’s focus is your kitchen’s layout and lighting.

Design Lighting Kitchen

Pay careful attention to the layout of your kitchen; it needs to inspire you while also supporting your workflow. If possible, keep your kitchen space open to another area of the home such as your family room or keeping room so that it feels larger. This might involve taking down a wall or two, so please consult a structural engineer prior to making your decision!

The open concept is here to stay; who wants to be in the kitchen without family and friends connecting and sharing in conversation?  Today’s kitchens are informal and comfortable for all to enjoy, so be sure to choose your design accordingly.

Lighting is so very important in a kitchen, and these days the options are nearly limitless.  The choice of lighting fixtures for your ceiling, inside the cabinets, the workspaces below cabinets, and the kitchen island are all necessary parts of the planning stage.  Excellent options are available that will bring layers of beautiful light into every area of your kitchen. Consider a large lighting piece that makes a statement somewhere in your kitchen, and note that pendant lighting offers many fun and interesting ideas to incorporate above your workspaces.

If you think of your lighting as jewelry for your kitchen; you’ll choose fixtures that bring your family joy while brightening up the space.  Don’t forget LED lighting fixtures, as they are more efficient than ever and are now being offered in modern and beautiful kitchen fixtures.

Stay tuned for our next article all about flooring options for your kitchen redesign.

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[Photos by Design Lighting and AHT Interiors]