beautiful fake treePersonally, I prefer to use live flowers, plants, and greenery in my home. Live greenery helps to filter air, produce much needed oxygen, and lift the spirit while adding a breath of life to any given room. However, there are circumstances when adding artificial plants, or what I like to call ‘permanent greenery’, to a room may be a better option.

For example, a splash of greenery helps to complete any room, but there may not be enough natural light available to support a healthy plant. In this case, an artificial plant would provide an excellent solution as they do not require any light to look beautiful.

artificial succulent plant interior designDon’t have a green thumb? Permanent greenery provides a hands-off, easy care solution. Permanent greenery is perfect for homeowners who have no background experience with plant care or have busy travel schedules that do not permit time for regular care and watering. It’s truly ideal for vacation homes where owners are unable to rely on plant care.

Finally, permanent greenery allows homeowners to lavish their homes with plants that cannot normally be grown or survive in their climate. Do you live in Alpharetta, Georgia but want to flavor your sunroom with a palm tree or a bird of paradise arrangement? You can easily do so by selecting well-made replicas of the plant.

If you do choose to utilize permanent greenery in your home, be sure to select high over low quality. Nothing can lower the sophistication of a room faster than adding cheap, plastic plants as they do not mimic the look or feel of real greenery. Visit New Growth Designs and Distinctive Designs for well-made and beautifully designed options for your home.

Invest in high quality pieces that will look good, last, and enhance your home!Pretty artificial plant by new growth designs

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All images by Distinctive Designs and New Growth Designs.