It’s time  to wrap up AHT’s March Design Tip Series! All month, we have been offering you easy-to-implement ideas for freshening your home’s interior. Today we bring you the final installment:

Tip #4:  Creating Your Own Family Photo Gallery

Instead of randomly putting a bunch of holes in the wall to hang your favorite family photos, I suggest installing a grouping of floating wall shelves where you can place the frames. This way, you can change out photos and frames to keep them updated with your most recent versions without making new holes in the wall. An asymmetrical grouping of floating shelves in the same finish, but different lengths, is one way to make use of an empty upstairs hallway. Look for frames that are in the same type of finish; change up the sizes and styles for an interesting arrangement.   Be sure to keep your photos either all black and white or all color for a nice consistency.

Before hanging, arrange your shelves and frames on the floor, working from the center out until you have created a balanced grouping. You can then either take a photo of this lay-out to use as a reference or start hanging.

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Floating shelves image courtesy of Urban Built.