Welcome to AHT’s March Design Tip Series! All this month, we’ll be offering you easy-to-implement ideas for freshening your home’s interior.

Tip #3: Light Up Your Life

Another important factor in creating a home that is inviting and comfortable is to ensure each area is properly lit.  As I mentioned in a previous article about our sense of smell, lighting is an additional element that determines how your home feels.

Layered Lighting in Interior Designhttps://ahtinteriors.com/popular-patterns-lighting-and-design-themes-from-high-point/

If you are strictly relying on overhead lighting alone to light your home, you are missing out.  The trick is to use layers of lighting. Yes, overhead light fixtures can provide good general lighting, but equally important are table lamps, floor lamps and accent lamps that bring the source of light to eye-level.  A strategically placed floor lamp can light up an otherwise dark corner of your living room.  A well-proportion bedside lamp can provide adequate lighting for reading.  A carefully placed accent lamp can enhance an piece of artwork or interesting architectural element of your home.

Pay attention to the source of lighting when you enter a well-designed home or your favorite restaurant.  Proper lighting can transform a “nice” interior into a “wow” interior.

Here are a few designer tricks for lighting a room:hanging light for bedside

  1. Add dimmer switches to all overhead light fixtures.  You can adjust as needed.
  2. Include a few table lamps or floor lamps to every room.  Yes, even the dining room! 
  3. Use 3-way incandescent bulbs (while they are still around) for your table lamps. 
  4. Update old or dated light fixtures and lamp shades.
  5. Incorporate a triad-based lighting scheme, where each room has at least three sources of light.

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