We tend to think of mirrors as more of a functional reflective surface, but there are some other great ways you can use them in your interior environments.

1. Think small.

Add smaller sized framed mirrors to built-in bookcases or shelving to bounce light back into a room.


2.  Think BIG.

Add a large scale free-standing mirror to lean against a wall in a bedroom or other small space. Be careful of placement; nobody wants to wake up to their sleep-eyed selves first thing in the morning (not most of us, anyway!)  As shown in this master bedroom, the large mirror reflects the view out the French doors that open onto a balcony and private yard with views of Lake Lanier.

3. Think smoky.

Hang a series of vertical pieces in antiqued mirrored glass to visually expand a space without providing a clear image of what is reflected in the mirror. This set of mirrors in a smoky finished glass makes this smaller room seem larger than it really is and gives the room a warmer glow of light reflecting from nearby lamps and windows.

4. Think opposites.

Line a dark, narrow hallway with a large mirror on one wall with additional smaller mirrors on the opposite wall to visually expand and light up the space.

Think past the ho-hum placement of a mirror over your mantel and look for ways to add this surface into areas that are dark or smaller in size, Create the illusion of larger and brighter areas!

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