Now more than ever, our outdoor living spaces are taking center stage!  Some of us are permanently working from home and outdoor living is becoming an important extension of our lives.  We all need a place to unwind and relax – what better way to do so than in your own back yard oasis?  Whether your space is large or small, there are many creative ways to incorporate a fresh outdoor living area.  And whether you are sprucing up your back patio, sundeck, front porch, or all three, creating areas that are as comfortable as your indoor space is the key to enjoying them for many years to come.

AHT Interiors is excited to present our three-part article series highlighting ways to update your outdoor spaces! Our first article in the series focused on the quality of your outdoor furniture and fabrics, and the second article highlighted outdoor dining and some great outdoor accessories. Today’s final article focuses on the four natural elements and how you can integrate them into your home’s outdoor living areas.


Outdoor flames create a warm and inviting space. Place a fire bowl with glass rocks or a fire pit surrounded by Adirondack chairs for a cozy conversational area. Candlelight can promote relaxation and calmness and certainly adds a romantic ambience. If you have small children and pets, opt for battery operated candles in hurricane lamps. If the fire isn’t quite enough, heat up your outdoor space on chilly evenings with an outdoor heater.


Water features definitely help transform your backyard, patio, or deck into an oasis. The sound, texture, visual interest and movement of water bring a natural and unique feel to your space. Wall fountains and cascading waterfalls with ponds, plants, and koi fish are excellent choices that do not require much maintenance.  A water feature will not only provide relaxing sounds of nature but also attract wildlife. Because it provides water for our feathered friends, you’ll probably notice an increase in beautiful birds. If you have a small yard, patio, or deck, a pondless water element doesn’t require much space but makes a big difference. Remember that awkward spaces are often the very best places for a water feature.


Plants, trees, and flowers add wonderful colors, textures, and scent to your back yard oasis! Trees can be planted in large containers and then placed on a roller cart which can be rolled inside in colder weather …  perfect for fruit trees! Some of the best container trees and plants are blueberries, strawberries, fig, peaches and nectarines. Adults and kids alike will love watching the fruit grow. Do you have a corner that needs a little something? Tropical trees with large leaves are your best bet. Gardenia, Lavender, Wisteria and Jasmine are more great plants that bring wonderful scents into your spaces.


In this humid Georgia environment, fans are a must! If you have a covered deck, consider adding a ceiling fan. If not, take a look at some of the standing or tabletop misting fans; they can cool your space up to 30 degrees and they also help keep those mosquitos, yellow jackets, and bugs away!

Outdoor spaces should be cheerful, inviting, and relaxing. Some of us will be home more than ever this summer so create a comfortable place that you will enjoy! We hope you enjoyed our outdoor living series and picked up some ideas for the outdoor oasis of your dreams. We love designing outdoor living spaces, so give us a call: (770) 887-7612.

Love where you live,
The Team at AHT Interiors