We are very committed to our clients and the success of every project! Here are just a few of our ongoing promises:

We will responsibly guide you through all aspects of the design process, and will design your interior spaces to be timeless, beautiful and sustainable.

We will manage every project with integrity and professionalism, respecting our clients as well as their privacy.

We will provide frequent and effective communication in the method preferred by each client.

We will recommend and use only reputable and responsible manufacturers and contractors to execute our designs.

We will consider the environmental impact of every project, selecting products for the impact on the environment as well as aesthetics and durability.

We will consider the paint we use (making sure that it is non-toxic), and we recommend the use of sisal and organic wool options for rugs and furnishings. We very rarely use fire retardant furnishings due to the chemicals used, but will also make the client aware if we need to do so.

We will provide options for recycled wallpapers and non-toxic papers that are printed with environmentally friendly, color-fast, water-based inks.

We will encourage our clients to consider repurposing their cabinets instead of buying new whenever possible. We will also try to include as much of our clients’ current furnishings as possible by making use of reupholstery.