We’re back with our collection of ideas for you to think about while in the planning stages of a kitchen remodel! Today we’re focusing on your kitchen’s cabinets and cabinet hardware.

Kitchen Cabinets

White cabinets are back with a vengeance,  and we can expect this to continue to be the go-to for years to come. A popular, budget-friendly update to your cabinets involves painting them instead of replacing. Consider your kitchen’s floor, backsplash, and trim to find the perfect shade of white, and don’t forget cleaning and deglossing before you apply the primer and paint layers.

A newer minimalist trend we’re seeing these days is the removal of upper cabinetry to bring about a more open, airy look in the kitchen.  Open shelving is being used instead of cabinetry for dishware and artwork.  Clean lines and no-frills looks are definitely on trend.

Another newer trend is the use of different colors on your upper and lower cabinets. Try looking online for beautiful examples of this trend to make sure you truly like it before you try it yourself.

You can ‘bring the outside in’ by adding more windows and doors. Also, note that bold hues on your major surfaces and appliances might get tiresome; try to limit your bolder colors to accessories, artwork or dishware.  You can always change your pop of color when you tire of it.

Cabinet Hardware

To maintain cleaner lines, go with beautiful horizontal cabinet pulls!  There are typically several styles to choose from anywhere cabinet hardware is sold.

Don’t worry about mixing finishes/metals in your kitchen. It actually makes for a more interesting space, so go for it!  Consider incorporating chrome or nickel – and don’t forget about clean, modern-looking lucite.

Your hardware acts as the ‘jewelry’ for your cabinets, so try not to shy away from unique pulls and other touches. Have fun with it!

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