Have you ever been invited to a party or gathering at someone’s home where it felt wonderfully welcoming from the moment you entered the front door? Have you experienced the opposite: an occasion when things just didn’t feel right, the mood was off and guests seemed uncomfortable? In many cases, it’s all about the atmosphere!

We would like to share a few basic tips for creating an inviting interior environment that beckons your guests in and encourages them to linger longer.

1 – Lighting 

Turn on those lights! And we don’t mean just the overhead fixtures, but also layers of lighting: from table and floor lamps to accent lamps on cabinets or in bookcases.  Remember to include rooms that are open to or adjacent to the areas where you may be gathering so that no one finds themselves walking past a ‘black hole’.  Proper lighting makes a world of difference in setting the stage for a warm welcome.

2 – Music

The sounds of silence certainly do not create a welcome feel for your guests as they are arriving!  Soft, background music (such as a light jazz) can play a large part in setting the mood for your party.  Of course, for more festive times, select a genre of music that is suitable for your occasion without being overwhelming in volume. The idea is to allow for easy conversation along with the music.

3 – Scent

The gentle aroma from a scented candle or fresh flowers is one of those ‘hard to put your finger on’ ways of creating a pleasing environment.  Again, don’t go with anything too overwhelming, and try to avoid the cheap plug-ins that give off an artificial scent.

Taking the small effort to cover these 3 areas that appeal to our senses of sight, sound and smell can actually make the difference between a ho-hum get-together and a party that is a huge success.

Party on … and love where you live!