Budget Design Tip - Decluttering

A makeover certainly doesn’t have to be expensive! We’ve received several calls lately from younger families who want to update their spaces but need to do so economically due to limited budgets, so we decided to create a series of articles and tips for all of you out there who need the same. Last week we kicked off the series with a beautiful bedroom makeover; today we’re starting with tips for refreshing your home on a budget!

The first place to begin any home transformation is possibly the most difficult, but it pays huge rewards …  it’s time to declutter.

Decluttering is a cheap and simple way to refresh your space, allowing you to fall in love with your home again. And decluttering helps reap rewards in ways you probably haven’t considered. A ‘clutter-free’ home means that every object in it adds value to the lives of the inhabitants in some way, either because it’s useful (like a can opener) or because it’s associated with a positive feeling (like a photo album).

Decluttering your home not only makes it easier to organize your belongings, but it also makes your home feel calmer and more like a sanctuary. An added bonus is that it makes your home much easier to clean! You save time and money by knowing exactly what you own and where to find it. Once the clutter is cleared, you can then focus on creativity; that’s the perfect time to start new projects to refresh the design of your home’s spaces.

Sometimes tackling decluttering on your own can feel overwhelming. Make it more enjoyable by getting family and friends involved, or consider hiring a professional – they have the experience and ideas to help you make the most out of the space you have and the expertise to advise you on what to do with unwanted things. They can also teach you to maintain the changes for good! You can find an accredited professional in your area through the National Association of Organizing and Productivity (NAPO).

There are several TV shows, blogs, and books that focus on the decluttering and reorganization of your home. Here are just a few!

Next week we start with design-oriented tips to refresh your home on a budget. As always, if you need ideas you know who to call; the team at AHT Interiors. We listen closely to your preferences, lifestyle, and needs, presenting you with beautiful interior spaces that you will love to live in.