Though AHT Interiors is technically referred to as an interior design firm, we often consult with clients regarding their homes’ exteriors in addition to their interior spaces.

Now that Spring has arrived, we would love to share some tips for refreshing the exterior areas of your home. Over the next several weeks we’ll share tips having to do with the outdoor spaces all around your house and property. We’re kicking off the series today with a very popular option … painting your exterior brick.


Recently we’ve received quite a few calls from clients looking for exterior color consultations, and the majority of these clients own brick homes.

Unfortunately, brick exteriors from the 80’s to the early 2000’s are pretty tired-looking today; bricks in shades of oranges, terracottas, deep reds and browns were once very popular, but now these colors immediately age your house. Homeowners today are interested in finding ways to modernize the look of these homes.

What’s the answer? We suggest a fresh coat of paint! Personally, we think painting brick exteriors is a wonderful idea, but let’s look at some of the pros, cons and other considerations of doing so.


  • Provides an instant and timeless facelift
  • Brings excellent curb appeal, updating your home and increasing its value
  • Easy to keep clean with an occasional power washing
  • Provides more protection from the elements, acting as a sealant and protecting from weather damage
  • The color can be easily changed down the road


  • This is a permanent decision and there is no going back; once brick has been painted, it must stay painted
  • Brick is a finished product and has a reputation for easy maintenance. Once it has been painted, it is no longer maintenance-free.
  • Without proper research or professional help, you could choose the wrong type of paint, bringing on a host of problems (see below)


  • We highly recommend finding a reputable paint company in your area (if you live in the North Atlanta area, we can help you with this!) Because brick exteriors are extremely porous, attempting to paint your exterior brick yourself could lead to several problems, the most detrimental being mold and mildew. A professional painter will help you choose the correct type of paint to provide proper protection and ensure successful, lasting results.
  • If your brick is moldy, chipped or deteriorating, it is very susceptible to moisture. Please consult with a professional in this case!
  • As with any exterior paint color scheme, consult a designer or a painting company for a professional color consultation before choosing your final colors! Trial and error can result in some very costly mistakes.
  • If you live in a neighborhood with covenants and restrictions, pay close attention to the written rules and/or consult with your architectural review board before making your final color decisions.


The Sherwin Williams paint colors we used for this project:

  • White Duck: SW7010 (brick/cedar shake/downspouts)
  • Shiitake:  SW9173 (Garage doors/fascia/soffits)
  • Urbane Bronze:  SW7048 (Shutters/metal roofs)


If you have brick fireplaces or accents inside your home, remember that those can be painted as well. Here’s a recent AHT Interiors project that included the painting of a brick fireplace. It really added a modern look to the entire room!

What if, after considering the pros and cons of painting your exterior brick, you are still on the fence? We recommend that you not go for it without thinking it through, since painting your brick is a permanent step. In the meantime, you can consider smaller changes that are less permanent. We have several articles coming that suggest a variety of exterior refresh options, so please stay tuned.

Look for more home exterior articles coming in the next several weeks, and please let us know if there are any topics you’d like us to cover and share!

[Photos by AHT Interiors]