As we move into a new year, it is an ideal time for re-evaluating the interior spaces of your home.  Particularly in the colder winter months when we are spending more time indoors, it becomes even more important to create a pleasing environment.

Kravet Living RoomOften we don’t even realize the effect that clutter has on our overall sense of well-being; and when we see the same things in the same places every day we can become blind to them. I will often recommend that clients enlist the services of a professional organizer if they have trouble purging their homes of items that are no longer needed or wanted.  Before starting a new redecorating project, it’s essential to remove pieces that are no longer serving you.  I think a good rule of thumb is: if you don’t love it or haven’t used it in two years or more … it’s time to let it go!

If you are surrounded with piles of papers, countertops that are unusable because they have become the “drop” zone, or bathroom vanities cluttered with personal items, I encourage you to take a fresh look and consider ways to organize these areas.  You can start small by addressing a small area at a time, but set aside regular time to work through your house.  You don’t need to have all of your personal toiletries items on your bathroom vanity.  Make the best use of drawers and cabinets, or simply contain products in a decorative basket or tray.

Pottery Barn bathroomTake a look at your built-in shelves and table surfaces; did items just get placed there haphazardly or are they arranged in a fashion that is aesthetically pleasing?  An interior design professional can provide an objective and trained eye in working with you to create a more beautiful setting, but you need to be willing to get rid of the clutter!

Removing unnecessary clutter and organizing the various areas of your home helps to create a more peaceful and relaxing environment where you can spend time with your family and friends … or just enjoy some quiet restful time to yourself!

Contact us if you need a recommendation for a professional organizer or if you want to transform some areas of your home in a way that better suit your tastes and lifestyle.

Get rid of the clutter and … Love Where You Live!

AHT Interiors

[Photos by Curated Kravet and Pottery Barn.]