I am always amused at the enticements that internet companies and some retailers will use to lure prospective consumers to buy their products — the promise of “free shipping” or “free delivery” being one of them.

No such thing as free shippingI think we are all intelligent enough to know that there is no such thing as “free”.  If the shipping is not being charged as such, then it is being included in the cost of the product or somewhere else.  It is similar to purchasing carpeting from your local big box, do-it-yourself, retailer; there is no such thing as “free installation”. The installer does not work for free, the freight companies do not work for free and the delivery service does not work for free.  That cost is being included somewhere else.  Why not just be upfront about it?

I decided a long time ago in my business to be transparent and upfront about all costs, nothing hidden.  It is not to the buyer’s advantage to have shipping or delivery or whatever else included in the price of the product because then they will be paying sales tax on that item.  In most states, shipping and delivery costs are a service item and are not taxable.  We charge our clients the actual costs related to shipping and delivering their products — nothing more and nothing less.  It is a separate line item on the product invoice, and we negotiate the best rates possible with trucking services and consolidate shipments whenever possible to keep the end cost down for our clients.

After all, unless a good friend is taking you out, there is no such thing as a Free Lunch!

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