The two reasons I hear most often from people who have avoided working with an interior designer to help them complete their homes:

  1. It will be more expensive.
  2. It will take too much time.

I would like to address each of these concerns because I think they are based on myth and old stereotypes.  Working with the right interior designer should make things easier for you – not more difficult.  It should save you time, and more often than not, it will save you money.

Myth 1:  Working With an Interior Designer is Costly

Actually, if your interior designer prevents you from making one costly mistake, they have earned their fee.  For instance, I was meeting with a prospective new client a few weeks ago, and she was lamenting having already spent $5000 on a sectional that ended up being a poor choice for her home.  The size wasn’t right and the colors didn’t work; quite an expensive mistake, I would say. And one that can’t be ‘fixed’ after the fact.

If this person had been working with an experienced design professional from the beginning, who is knowledgeable about the products they work with, this mishap could have been avoided. That $5000 could have been spent instead on pieces that worked together and brought her closer to her goal of having a completed home interior she could enjoy.

It is interesting that people often spend more money getting it wrong than they are willing to spend on getting it right the first time.  If you actually sat down and tallied up all the items you have purchased that didn’t work, it would probably stagger you!  Wouldn’t it be wiser to spend the money to engage the services of a professional who will guide you every step along the way, be a good steward of your overall budget, avoid costly mistakes and provide you with an outstanding outcome?


Myth 2: Working with an Interior Designer Takes Too Much Time

Au contraire!  Again, if you have done your research and are working with an experienced design professional, you should find this to be a huge savings of your time!  With some good Q&A in the beginning and a clear understanding of the process, timeline and estimated costs, you can free up your time for whatever interests you: working, playing golf, boating, spending time with family, entertaining, traveling, etc.  Your designer (and his/her team) will be handling all the details of researching and sourcing products that are just right for your home, placing all orders, tracking those orders, coordinating with other trade partners, scheduling deliveries and handling all aspects of the final installation.

AHT Interiors Keeping Room DesignYes, it does take some time to do this legwork, and the projected timeline should be discussed upfront. After all, products don’t just fly out of the sky into your home!  The good news is that you don’t have to deal with any of it; share your tastes, preferences, and lifestyle with your designer upfront, then relax and let them handle the rest!

Back when I offered consultation-only services, I found that, when left on their own, most people wouldn’t implement my advice and never got the results they were looking for.  I would check back weeks, months and even years later only to find they were still in the same position as when we first met.  This is why we decided to offer only full-service, turn-key interior design solutions.  It is the only way we can ensure that the client will get the results they are looking for — and that it gets done!


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