This client called us about updating their master bedroom and a guest bedroom. In both cases, they wished to keep their existing heirloom furniture, but wanted a more modern look and feel to both rooms.

We brought texture to the guest room by replacing the dated plaid bedspread with bed linens thath felt richer in texture and more closely aligned with the furniture style. Then we had custom window treatments made to frame the window and inject a soft pattern and touch of color into the room. The existing lamps were especially antiquated; we replaced them with a more modern style. Their light was magnified by adding mirrors behind both bedside tables, which also brought some height balance to the room. We chose accessories that complemented the drawer pulls while updating the overall look of the room. The end result was a room that highlighted the historic nature of the furniture while embracing modern touches. Our client was very pleased with the balance between the two! Please click the before-and-after images below for a larger view.

We loved the fabric pattern on the master bedroom curtains, but the valences were too heavy and dated; so we removed them! The existing panels look beautiful with new life, and the addition of brushed brass curtain rods reflects color from both the nightstand pulls and the lamps. Changing out the vertical blinds to plantation shutters brought cohesiveness to the rest of the home.  We chose taller lamps to bring height balance as well as providing light at the appropriate height for reading. The coverlet was too close in color to the headboard, so we opted for a brighter white coverlet with softer textures, allowing the pillows to bring out the colors in the headboard, curtains, and prints. The framed prints showcase the lovely colors in the pillows and the wall paint and bring cohesion to the entire room by making use of the large wall area above the bed. The nightstands were left free of accessories to make room for the homeowners’ books, iPads, and clocks. Please click the before-and-after images below for a larger view.

What do you think? Remember that interior design does not always necessitate the purchase of new furniture. If you are looking for an update, give us a call; we are experts at choosing colors, textures, treatments, and accessories to bring out the best in your heirloom pieces!