When hanging artwork or framed photos in your home, do you often wonder if you are hanging them properly?  We’ve got a few pro tips to offer!

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A good rule of thumb is to place the center of the artwork 57”-60” from the floor.  If you have a very large wall space, using a large piece of art will provide a great focal point.  If you are placing art above furnishings, keep this into consideration.  Center the art with your furnishings and not the wall!  Hang approximately 3”-6” above the top of the furnishings and the bottom of the frame.

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Do you have several small art pieces?  Placing a small piece of art on a wide or tall wall looks unbalanced.  A great way to use your smaller art is between two doorways or on a horizontally small wall.

One popular idea is to hang two or three smaller pictures in a vertical line.  Here’s how you do it. Take your first piece of artwork and measure 57”-60” from the center of the piece.  Hang this one first, as it begins your grouping.  Then place your second piece above the first one.  If using three as a grouping, hang the second one below the center artwork, and the third above.  Staircases also offer an excellent showcase for smaller art by featuring a gallery wall.  These should be placed along the staircase diagonally at 57”-60” from the bottom of each stair.

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We hope this has been helpful.  As always, if you are considering updating your wall art and need a little help, give the team at AHT Interiors a call!

Image by Paragon