An oyster parquet table top, as illustrated here in an end table from Jonathan Charles Fine Furniture, is a technique that requires skilled craftsmanship.

There are, of course, no actual oysters used in the production of such pieces!  These are thin cross-sections of sliced branches where these natural ring patterns occur that are similar in shape to that of an oyster shell, thus the name. The ‘oysters’ can be combined in a random or geometric pattern and surrounded by veneer. It is a very detailed style of workmanship and is an indication of a well-made, quality piece of wood furniture. The heavily distressed walnut side table with an inlaid parquet oyster veneer top shown below is handcrafted by a wood furniture company known for their attention to detail in creating fine antique reproductions.

Parquetry is a technique of making geometric patterns with pieces of wood veneers or wooden floor tiles fitted together as on a parquet floor. You can view many varieties of parquet flooring here.