This is a term that has little meaning to those outside of the field of interior design and home furnishings, but it is a benchmark of quality!

Pattern Matching refers to the lining up of a pattern repeat in a fabric when it is applied to an upholstered piece of furniture or custom window treatment.

See an example of perfect pattern matching in this beautiful embroidered fabric on a piece of furniture from Ambella Home.  You can barely see where the fabrics are seamed together because the upholsterer has done such a masterful job!

Ambella Home Chair with excellent pattern matching

Chair by Ambella Home

This is also a skill used by a good custom drapery/bedding workroom. The flow of a fabric pattern should be visually seamless, carrying easily from one piece to the next as shown on this custom valance created for a client’s breakfast area.

This is true artisanship and a skill that is often overlooked by the general public because they don’t know that is considered the “norm” for high-quality products.

Bernhardt Chair

Chair by Rooms To Go

(Patterned chair from a big box store)

In contrast, notice the patterned upholstered pieces of furniture you see in a big box discount store.  Quite often they won’t even use a patterned fabric because it is less expensive to use a solid fabric instead.  But when a patterned fabric is used, rarely will you find the pattern lining up from one piece of the furniture to another.  Another example of poor quality is using a beautiful patterned fabric for a pillow but not centering the pattern on the pillow.

We are sticklers for seeking out this kind of quality in the vendors we work with to furnish our clients’ homes. This is one of the benefits of working with an experienced and knowledgeable interior design professional.  We are educated on how different products are made and what to look for.

If you are unsure of how to navigate selecting the right products for your home, contact us to help you create a home you deserve!

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[Gray/green chair photo by Rooms to Go]