British Colnial StyleMaybe you live in a suburb of Atlanta, like Alpharetta or Milton, but you yearn to be near the ocean. How can you introduce some “island style” to a more traditional home?

Here are 4 simple home design tips for incorporating an easy, breezy coastal flair into your interior décor … without going too “themey.”

1.    Palacek driftwood mirror Natural Elements  – Include pieces made from natural elements found in coastal areas, such as wood, rattan, seagrass or shells. You can find such pieces for lamps, mirror frames, and accent furniture. This lounge chair by Palecek has a pole rattan frame and the legs are wrapped with natural lampakanai rope and seagrass.  I also love this driftwood framed mirror, also by Palecek, as a nice accent piece in any room. Cotton or linen based fabrics are good choices for upholstered pieces or window treatments for a lighter seaside look.


2.    Classic Home seagrass rugDarker Finishes & Lighter Fabrics  The classic British Colonial style works well in any coastal-inspired decorating scheme; this is a timeless style that you can enjoy for many years to come. The blending of darker wood finishes such as mahogany with lighter fabrics is an inherent part of this look.  A mahogany coffee table, paired with a sofa covered in a white to light beige cotton or linen, along with a seagrass rug like this one from Classic Home could all be parts of creating this look.


3.    Streamlined pieces  –  Minimize clutter and accessories.  Stick to a few impactful accents, rather than a bevy of little knick-knacks, for a more peaceful look and feel for your home.  Upholstered furniture with cleaner lines lends itself well to a more relaxed and casual interior décor.


4.    Eastern Accents blue and whiteBlue & White  –  While an ocean-inspired color palette of soft blues, greens, sandy beiges and shades of white always works well for a waterfront home, consider implementing classic blue and white elements to complement your British West Indies décor.  This is a color combination that truly never goes out of style. Celebrity designer, Barclay Butera, is known for incorporating blue & white into most of his interior design projects.  The bedding collection shown here was designed by him for Eastern Accents and provides an ideal example of many of the elements I have touched upon: Dark wood finishes, lighter-weight fabrics, natural materials in a blue and white color scheme.


Eastern Accents Barkley Butera collectionAll of these tips for introducing a seaside flavor to your home can work well in a more contemporary styled home as well as a traditional one if done carefully.

Oh yes, and one more thing!  Leave your shoes at the door and enjoy your new island style in bare feet or flip flops!  Because you should Love Where You Live!

[Images courtesy of Palacek, Classic Home and Eastern Accents]